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Staging Your Home to Sell
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Staging is the process of preparing any home to sell in less time for more money.

When looking for a home, most buyers know only what they see - not what a home can be. Therefore, when selling a home, it is critical that it be staged to appeal to the vast majority of people who will walk through it. Here are some tips to help you do that.
    Depersonalize your home. You're going to have to pack up your personal collections eventually anyway, so do it up front. You're selling the home - not your personal belongings. Besides, this will help you accomplish tip 2.

    Declutter your home. Remove unnecessary items from countertops. This makes the kitchen appear more spacious. While you're at it, remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator. And remove ALL extra furniture throughout the house. This not only gives the appearance of spaciousness but allows the potential buyer to mentally place their own belongings in the room.

    Deep clean your home. Pay special attention to the bathroom. Make sure all surfaces are clean and clear, shower curtains/doors are clean and properly hung, towels are attractive and neatly hung and everything looks and smells clean and fresh. Walk around and check walls, floors and windows. Paint any walls that need it and be sure to use a neutral color. Clean carpets and drapes and wash windows, curtains and blinds.

    Deodorize your home. Do you have pets? Don't let that be the first thing people notice when they walk in. Clean and deodorize all pet areas.

    Set the mood. Make potential buyers feel comfortable and welcome. Leave lights on. Set the dining room table with your best tableware. Play soft background music. If there is time, bake cookies before a showing.
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